Conscious Leadership for Greater Good

7 Week Experiential Certificate Program to Lead authentically, live more fully, and find your highest purpose at University of Santa Cruz and Online.

The current leadership model is broken.

Success often lures us into overwhelm, disconnection, and imbalance affecting our quality of life and contributions to the world.

Living and leading in a world of constant anxiety, high stress and separation from our purpose has created loneliness and suffering. Even the best ideas are undermined by leaders who are not healthy, communicative, grounded, and authentic. It is not easily repaired by a simple management technique, one-off training, or positive affirmation.  Only when we transform our way of being, by showing up in the world substantively differently as leaders, are we able to cleanly and clearly hold ourselves, others, and the impact we wish to see in the world in balance.  This is what we mean by Conscious Leadership.  A leader who exhibits: what’s here

What does it mean to be a Conscious Leader in the ever-changing world today?  And how can we cultivate the next generation of leaders who combine amplified impact on the world, with greater well-being and connection in the workplace, who show up with integrity, humility, grace and self-awareness? Our framework moves from the center outward:   Me. We. World.

This program begins with an exploration of the self. From there, we’ll investigate your impact on others through challenge and feedback. Lastly, we’ll integrate your authentic leadership style with indomitable clarity of purpose for the greatest possible good.  Assessments along the way will help you track your progress.

This is the foundation for the Conscious Leadership for Good Certificate Program at University of California, Santa Cruz immersive and highly experiential program you will cultivate:

Greater capacity to manage and reduce the stress and strain of modern leadership

Personal wholeness that has integrity and authenticity to truly be yourself

Presence & routine to create greater intentionality in our actions and way of being

Lifelong connections to support you in your journey

Values based leadership paradigm to intentionality to operate from your values

Greater purpose in your work creating the highest impact in the world

Grace and openness that promotes synergy in your team and relationships

Compassion that inspires trust and improves connection in the workplace

Effectively processing life’s transitions and move through them with more ease

Routines and rituals that will provide consistent nourishment for daily rejuvenation

Resiliency tools to handle the obstacles we inevitably hit

Improved Relationship & communication skills to serve both your home and work-a-day world

A Mindfulness practice and Meditation techniques to suit your personality

Who Attends

Anyone looking for a better way to show up in the world and lead more compassionately.  Professionals looking for a sustainable path to overcome the day to day stress, challenges of relationships and improve communication.  The program has 4 main cohorts (but open to all ) that provide for both intimacy of smaller peer groups that will work together in their shared career/life stage, as well as,  diversity of broader group to bring more full spectrum perspective to the work. Our 5 main cohorts are:

  1. High-potentials and future leaders at companies wanting skills to lead
  2. Corporate Executives & Managers desiring new tools to manage the daily chaos
  3. Social Entrepreneurs looking to improve their capacity to make greater impact
  4. Start-Up Founders and Small Business Owners looking for a better way to grow themselves and their organizations.

* Special cohort set aside for UCSC Alumni.   Note such on application if this applies to you.

These are who we call Next Generation leaders.    People wanting to show up in a more authentic, real, and compassionate way to do good in the world, while more effectively inspiring their teams and organizations.

7 Week  Summer Program  

July 1- July 7
Virtual Week: Program Begins - Online Foundations, Readings, and Prep
July 8 - July 14
Weeklong Retreat in Santa Cruz - Unlocking the Power of Greater Awareneess
July 15 - July 21
Virtual Week: Building the Authentic Leader
July 22- July 28
Virtual Week: Finding Purpose and Creating Impact
July 29- Aug 4
Virtual Week: Mindful Communication
Aug 5- Aug 11
Virtual Week: Impact & Ongoing Peer Life-Journey Groups Begin
Aug 17- Aug 20
4 Day Retreat (w/ Virtual Option): Integrating the Self and Leadership creating Greater Good in the World

Where: University of California, Santa Cruz & Online

How: Apply Here. Applications are reviewed every week and approved or waitlisted with in 10 days of being submitted.

The Conscious Leadership for Greater Good Program is a 7 week certificate program where experiential teachings happen both online and in-person. This program is in partnership with Everett Program, University of California at Santa Cruz and Learning for Life
Top 7 Reasons Why Most Attend

7. In-Transition

Support to work through a life or career transition

6. Clarity

Greater clarity for one’s vision and organizational direction

5. Power

Finding choice and influence in key moments to build to your vision

4. Transformation

Bridge the gap from traditional management to authentic leadership

3. Connection

Find a community of peers and connect more deeply with colleagues

2. Mindfulness

Build a routine and set of real-world tools to create a more balanced life

1. Purpose

Access our highest calling and regain the enthusiasm of working with purpose



($3,500 if apply before March 15, 2018)*

Monthly Payment program & Financial Aid available upon request.

Apply NOW  and have the greatest chance of being accepted as one of the first cohorts.  

Schedule Highlights:

  • Two retreats in the beautiful redwood draped University of California at Santa Cruz
  • Seven weeks of live seminars and on-demand courses.
  • One-on-one and small group deep dives for a customized experience with folks at the same stage in life/career.
  • Capstone final week in person to build integration practices
  • Access to thousands of fellow Conscious Leaders worldwide.
  • Monthly conscious circle support groups to maintain connection and accountability to stay the path of this life journey.