Conscious Leadership for Greater Good

July 12-15 

Join us in the beautiful redwoods by the sea for a 3+ day experiential program for the next generation of leadership to create greater good in the world.

Our leadership culture needs a serious upgrade.

The time is now for emergence of the new paradigm and better way to show up as a leader who cares. A Next Generation of Leaders.

Why Come? I’m so busy…

Yes, that’s part of the challenge. Our “busyness” has us so reactive, distracted and over-loaded we have forgotten the most critical part of our role as leaders, our very own being. The way we show up, connect with presence and stillness is essential to have clarity to the direction we send our team, organization and contribute to the world around us.

Top 5 reasons leaders and emerging leadership love the program:

  • 5

    Best Self: Quite, still and deeply connected time to more clearly unlock my own highest self.

  • 4
    Mindfulness Skills: Lead more compassionately, more connected, more gracefully.
  • 3
    Work-life Balance: Amazing tools for creating work-life integration and balance.
  • 2
    Impact capacity: Improvement to making my greatest possible impact in the world.
  • 1
    Alignment: Time, space and world-class facilitation to find & connect to the deeper purpose for you and your work.

Not to mention the amazing connections and life long friends you’ll meet in this highly curated group. All facilitated by world class teachers, trainers and facilitators. One that gives the pace, time and learnings in a balanced experiential, relaxing and supportive enivornment. And tools, skills and future learning opportunities to create a life process to have sustainble change happen in our lives as leaders.

Without processes for clarity and support to make decisions in alignment with our values, traditional leaders are often left reactive and compromised. How do we move leadership and culture from a model of constant stress and loneliness, to a visionary and balanced approach? How do we embody and train others to shift our culture from overworked, disconnected, punitive, and unsustainable to a culture that values balance, well-being, integrity, and connection.

Our epidemic imbalances in leadership are not easily repaired by a simple management technique, one-off training, or positive affirmation. Leaders need support in transforming our way of being.

This requires us to not just do things differently, but shift into a space where we can cleanly and clearly hold ourselves, others, and the impact we wish to see in the world in balance and integrity. Clear processes for doing our personal work translates to a greater capacity for synergistic impact on teams and culture. We also need circles of support to build and maintain these practices to continue to guide us to this balanced state.

This is what we mean by Conscious Leadership.  

Our program framework moves from the center outward:   
Me → We → World.

It begins with an exploration of the self and our awareness practice. From there, we’ll investigate your impact on others with clear feedback and communication. Lastly, we’ll integrate your authentic leadership style with indomitable clarity of purpose for the greatest possible good.  Assessments and expert one on one coaching along the way will help you track your progress.

Our target audience is individual leaders and leadership trainers who want to cultivate conscious leadership for the next generation. This requires combining amplified impact on the world with greater well-being and connection in the workplace. It also means continuing having support to remember that inner guidance and having trusted circles for awareness building, accountability, and value-centric feedback.  

Here you will cultivate processes for yourself and others to have:

Greater capacity to manage the stress and strain of modern leadership

Personal wholeness that has integrity and authenticity

Tools to have a true balance of work and life

An ongoing cohort to support you in your journey

Greater purpose in your work for greater purpose ;)

A quality of openness that promotes synergy in your team and relationships

A level of candor and compassion that inspires trust

Simple ways to process life’s transitions and move through them with more ease

Resiliency tools and routines that will provide consistency daily rejuvenation

A diverse set of mindfulness tools and practices for folks of all meditation backgrounds

Schedule Highlights

Four Day retreat in the beautiful redwood draped University of California at Santa Cruz.

Additional live seminars and on-demand courses.

One-on-one and small group deep dives to unlock our deeper challenges

Monthly conscious circle support groups to maintain connection and accountability to stay the path of this life journey.

A Certificate to demonstrate your commitment to the work

Who Attends

Anyone looking to support compassionate, honest, and visionary leadership in themselves or others. We especially see this as useful to:

  1. Those that lead people of all size organizations and teams
  2. High-potential managers and senior leadership teams
  3. Socially oriented entrepreneurs looking to transform their capacity to make greater impact

3.5-day program
July 12 - 15th


Beautiful Campus of University of California, Santa Cruz

How: Apply Here.

Applications are reviewed every week and approved or waitlisted with in 10 days of being submitted.

The Conscious Leadership for Greater Good Program is a four day certificate program in partnership with Everett Program and Learning for Life.
Need More Reason to Attend? Try these.

7. Capacity

Support in building circles of trainers and coaches who work with next generation leaders

6. In-Transition and Transformation

Support to work through a life or career transition from traditional management to authentic leadership

5. Clarity

Greater clarity for one’s vision and organizational direction

4. Power

Finding choice and influence in key moments to build to your vision

3. Connection

Find a community of peers and connect more deeply with colleagues

2. Mindfulness

Build a routine and set of real-world tools to create a more balanced life

1. Purpose

Access our highest calling and regain the enthusiasm of working with purpose

“I was inspired to create the program because, after 15 years of being an entrepreneur and leader,  I suffered under the false guise of "success". Believing that my monetary gains, peer accolades and feeling of "I built this" would create joy for my soul and happiness for my friends and family.   And yet when I asked my self of selves, I simply came up with that empty feeling.. that void in life. Something was missing. And day to day joy was not a reality. For me a small dull ache of feeling incomplete. It was only when I turned in-ward as opposed to trying harder and gaining more, that I began, slowly to solve for that void for myself.  And with that greater capacity, I then found a better way to "be" thus a better way to lead. For me, I could not do anything less than share those learnings. It’s a gift and must be made accessible and simple for all.”

Aaron Kahlow



($875 if apply before June 1, 2018)*

Monthly Payment program & Financial Aid available upon request.

*Room & Board not include in price. On campus options starting at $350 for entire program.

Meet the Instructors

Katie Roper

Katie Roper roots her work in respect for all life, love for our natural world, curiosity about our diverse experiences, and hope in what we can create in true collaboration. As the Managing Director of the Everett Program at the University of CA at Santa Cruz,  she works with 100+ university students and 40+ organizations annually to create meaningful projects that model conscious leadership for the next generation, supporting gender and racial equity, and environmental regeneration.

Her training and experience includes a love for learning through play and embodied exercises, restorative justice facilitation around race and gender dynamics, a ten year practice of learning and teaching compassionate and non-violent communication, personal coaching, organizational mediations, and 18 years of meditation experience. Her teachers include Dr. Monica Sharma, Roxy Manning, Byron Katie, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and others.

Eric Kaufmann

Eric is President of Sagatica, an executive leadership consultancy. Eric and his team partner with leaders and teams at companies such as Verizon, SunPower, Dr. Bronner’s, Alcon, and Cymer. Eric blends strategic thinking with Zen practices in order to align thinking, deciding and relating to excel and evolve in personal or organizational transitions.

Eric is a Fellow and Thought Leader at the Institute of Coaching through Harvard’s McLean Medical School, a speaker for TEDx, and, while writing additional books, contributes to publications including, Training Magazine and Conscious Media Magazine.

Aaron Kahlow

Aaron is an author, business leader and serial entrepreneur advocating for the greater Conscious Business Movement. Many know Kahlow for his past success in creating and running 5 successful businesses. His life passion lies at the question of: how to accelerate Human Consciousness to create a better life and a more peaceful world. Currently, Aaron is out in the world teaching Conscious Leadership & Life workshops to business leadership, bCorp, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneur, Mindful Advocate/coach communities in effort to create more peace, joy and ease in our every-day lives.

Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute, an international organization that provides a new business and leadership leadership paradigm for building more inspiring, sustainable, purpose-driven organizations.

Peter was involved in international technology and finance business for 17 years. He was a Principal for one of the world’s leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Apax Partners & Co, and for b-business partners, a $ 1 billion pan-European VC fund.

Peter started his career at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) in Germany. He later co-founded a systems integration and IT-consulting company, where he lead strategic IT and Internet projects for German corporations.